Hello there and welcome to the US Cycle Speed Ways official website. We are a professional bike racing track with locations all over the United States. If you are looking for more information on our various locations please contact us via the contact us page. Some of the events that we have yearly are:

The End of the Year Tumble: Starting the new year off correctly is something that we specialize in. We invite the best, most athletic, and fastest cyclist in the area for an all out race to see who is at the top of their game at the end of the year. Typically the winners of these events are some of the most talented racers in the country. This is a must see event for anyone who is a fan of professional speed cycling.

The Halloween Circle: Once a year in mid-October we attempt to get into the spirit of things and decorate the bike course for the kids to come and enjoy. The bikes and stadiums all are decorated with Halloween type decorations that you are sure to love. We also offer a huge trick or treat event on Halloween that takes place on the actual course. It is safe, and the candy is plentiful! If you are in the area of one of our stadiums come check it out.

The Summer Showdown: Roughly six months before the end of the year tumble we offer a high flying, heat sizzling race during one of the hottest months of the year. By this time many of our competitors have been in full fledged training mode. This is the event that really sets the pace for the rest of the season. All cyclists are in their top form and all of them have something to prove. For a true spectacle of hard work, athleticism, and raw skill, come check out The Summer showdown. You will not regret it! One of our sponsors, a bike shop that offers road bike rentals in Los Angeles is also at the event every year offering free bike rides so make sure to check out their bikes!

These 3 events are the biggest events that we hold all year, however, we have weekly races for a range of different skill levels and age groups. If you would like to come by and sign up for one of the teams, don’t be shy! We will find a team for you to compete on.

We also offer coaching from some of the most skilled cyclists in America. No matter which location you arrive at… you have our guarantee that your training will be top notch. You will break barriers that you never thought could be broken.

As true fans of the sport, we can’t help but include one of our favorite videos of professional cycling. With our help and training, even you can become as beastly as these guys!

A shout out to our sponsors
We would not be able to hold these events every year if not for our wonderful sponsors. Please do us a favor and check them out!